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World > North Korea > Kangwŏn-do

North Korea

Kangwŏn-do is a first subsidiary administrative divisions of North Korea

Second subsidiary administrative divisions of Kangwŏn-do are:

Wŏnsan-si T’ongch’ŏn-gun Sep’o-gun P’yŏnggang-gun Pŏptong-gun P’an’gyo-gun Munch’ŏn-si Kŭmgang-gun Kosŏng-gun Kosan-gun Kimhwa-gun Ich’ŏn-gun Hoeyang-gun Ch’ŏrwŏn-gun Ch’ŏnnae-gun Ch’angdo-gun Anbyŏn-gun

Variant forms of spelling for Kangwŏn-do or in other languages are:

강원도 강원 Kangwŏn-do Kangwŏn Kangwŏn-do Kangwŏn